Hello, my name is Paul Fennessy. I am a 23-year old Dubliner, leading a life that is relatively normal, save for my profound (and some would say disconcerting) love for rashers and noodles at breakfast time. 

My writing style is similarly unexceptional, though you may notice the odd quirk (such as my obsession with using brackets).

My blog is, admittedly, a bit self indulgent at the best of times. Its topics will be limited to stuff that I’m interested in writing about.  

I started writing “Fenno on Life” for three reasons:

1. Following my thesis, I was sick of the meticulous, critical style of writing that I had been consistently required to adopt, hopefully in exchange for good grades (my results are impending). I wanted to try something different, someting lighter essentially.

2. In order to escape the occasional perils of having to constantly engage in the less than creative task of editing articles for the lovely student newspaper which is currently employing me (The University Observer).

3. In the hope that if I spend enough time writing, I might miraculously become the next Chekov, or at least the next Charlie Brooker (or someone else along those lines who’s vaguely good).

In short, what I’m trying to say is don’t expect high standards of me and I won’t hold my breath for an array of insightful or thought-provoking comments from you, dear readers (or lack thereof, as will undoubtedly prove to be the case).


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